Collecting fruits and windfall without having to bend down is now easily possible using the GARDENA combisystem Fruit Collector. Thanks to the flexible plastic struts, fruits from 4 to 9 centimetres in size can be collected. It doesn’t matter whether you are collecting walnuts or apples – simply roll over them with the Rolling Collector, and already you will find the fruits inside. 25-year warranty. Complete offer with wooden handle 130 cm FSC 100 %
Kaubamärk Gardena
SKU HU967635201
Otstarve Muud aiatarvikud
Tootjamaa Saksamaa
Kaal pakendiga (kg) 1.6000
Pakendi kõrgus 1.20 m
Pakendi pikkus 39 cm
Pakendi laius 22 cm